February, 2012

Curly Maljam sponsor builds champions

Tim Reilly, sponsor of the 2012 Curly Maljam Pro is rightfully proud to find three of his youthful students taking on the best at the World Martial Arts Championship this October.

Coached by Tim at his Zen Chi Ryu dojo at Brookvale, all three have achieved national success in their respective divisions already and are training hard for the ultimate challenge in Japan.

16 year old Tina Zaunders took up Zen Chi Ryu because her mum wanted her to learn self defense, and now she has the Australian under 18 colts full contact Martial Arts title under her belt.

Two guys who came to Tim to improve their fitness for Rugby are also on the way to Japan. Julius Togia and Dailey King joined the gym just a year ago and have achieved so much that they are already genuine contenders in their own divisions.

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