April, 2012

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The Manly Daily

Maljam celebrates longboarding

12 Apr 12 @ 04:26pm by Bryn Kay

SOME of the world’s best surfers are set to hang 10 at North Curl Curl this month in a what is truly a one-of-a-kind event….read article here

Pacific Longboarder


Monday, 16 April 2012
This year’s Curly Maljam Pro will feature a unique display of surfing reflecting the pioneer days of the 1950s. Eight surfers will take to the water to demonstrate the watercraft of a bygone era – the boat like “toothpick” and the forerunner of the Malibu, the “okanui”…read article here

Fuel TV


April 11, 2012 9:07AM
The organizers of the 2012 Maljam have been overwhelmed by the response of competitors who have filled the event that’s on the 28th of April at Cur Curl Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

read article here

Curly MaLjam – running order

Maljam celebrates longboarding

SOME of the world’s best surfers are set to hang 10 at North Curl Curl this month in a what is truly a one-of-a-kind event.

The Curly Maljam Pro 2012 is in its second year and will again have some of the world’s best long- boarders tearing it up on the North Curly waves.

Organiser Phil Nicol describes it as “a clash of the creme de la creme”.

“This is the only time on the northern beaches for decades we’ve had world champions and local champions up against each other in a clash of the titans,” Nicol said.

World champion Taylor Jensen and Australian champion Josh Constable will be among the 88 longboarders contesting divisions at the event….

for more of the Manly Daily article click here

2012 Makahiki longboard Championship in Hawaii


Not all of the action and drama will be in the water at the 2012 Curly Maljam Pro longboard contest. Event sponsor Tim Reilly will be performing an incredible ice breaking martial arts demonstration on behalf of his Zen Chi Ryu academy.

Tim will perform 2 open hand strikes on a stack of four 150mm thick slabs of ice, and two elbow strikes on 5 slabs. This is a feat that has to be witnessed live to appreciate the power and skill needed to perform this feat.

Tim will be in action immediately following the final of the Majam Pro at 5:30pm, Saturday April 28th, at the North Curl Curl Surf Club lawns. Bring the family, friends and your camera to capture both the world class surfing and this amazing martial arts show.  For more information visit


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