DYRSL Maljam Results

Open Men

1st – Harley Ingleby
2nd – Jack Entwistle
3rd – Taylor Jensen
4th – Dane Pioli


Open Single Fin

1st – Taylor Jensen
2nd – Nick Farago
3rd – Jack Entwistle
4th – Declan Wyton
5th – Dane Pioli
6th – Ben Considine

Open Women

1st – Nava Young
2nd – Tully White
3rd – Lara Murphy
4th – Chelsea Williams
5th – Sienna Coulter
6th – Sue McComb


Over 35

1st – Jason Livingstone
2nd – Sean Dry
3rd – Jason Kelly
4th – Hayden Emery
5th – George Noonan
6th – Ned Heaton


Over 50

1st – Lynden Riley
2nd – John Fraser
3rd – Adrian Vander Wallen
4th – Paul O’Grady
5th – George Haskas
6th – Mark Aubrey


U21 Single Fin

1st – Tom Payne
2nd – Jackson Detmold
3rd – Brandon O’Rourke
4th – Tom Bennett
5th – Hunter Riddle
6th – Jayden McDonald


U21 HP

1st – Tom Payne
2nd – Tully White
3rd – Brandon O’Rouke
4th – Jackson Detmold
5th – Jonah Puttaansuu
6th – Jayden Mcdonold





DYRSL Maljam – Raffle Winners

Valued @ $1,350  (from Bennetts Surfboards)
Won by Dean Hannam

Valued @  $85   (from Artifex)
Won by John Axford

Valued @ $350   (from Adrenalin)
Won by Marty WOOHOO

Valued @ $330  (from Rockin Direct)
Won by John Axford

Valued @ $325   (from Jaguar Australia)
Won by Celina O’Gorman

Valued @ $300   (from Komunity Project)
Won by Jerry ?

Valued @ $150   (from TASCO Sales Australia)
Won by Peter Kerl

Valued @ $100  (from STUNNING BY LISA)
Won by Mark from Wash & Wag Dog Grooming Belrose

Valued @ $50   (from STUNNING BY LISA)
Won by Issac Fields

Valued @ $25
Won by Brett Hall

2017 Entries NOW OPEN

Impressive 2015 Competitor List

As expected, the healthy cash purse has  attracted longboardings finest to the register, with some of the highest ranked Australian, international and local longboarders promptly getting onboard.

Confirmed headliners are current WSL 2014 and 2009 world longboard champion Harley Ingleby, 2 time world longboard champion Taylor Jenson (2011, 2012) and 2006 world longboard champion Josh Constable. Also starring is Dane Pioli 3 time SurfTech LQS winner, Nick Farago – NSW state log division winner and a host of hotshots, from Jye Burns, Isaac Fields and Kye Ellis-Flint to Will Crowe in the juniors.

In the womens division we’ve got Lara Murphy, current state champion, Deb Allen, who’s both State and Australian title holder in the over 35’s as well as Narva Young and defending womens champion Claire Norman. On the locals front, returning is Sean dry, Paul O’grady and defending champion in the over 50’s Lynden Riley.


Maljam heat draw

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MalJam sponsor rides martial arts wave

Tim smashes 860 ponds of ice and a world record



Set for April 30th on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the Curly Maljam Pro is offering $11,000 in prize money making it probably the richest longboard event in Australia. President of the host club Curl Curl Longboarders, Phil Nicol, reports on the head honcho of the major sponsor 4 Elements Martial Arts Academy – an interesting longboarder indeed.

“Tim Reilly, the owner of the 4 Elements Academy, uses the ancient art of Chi plus longboard technique to impart the basics of kickboxing, Kung Fu and Thai Boxing. A lifetime resident of the Northern Beaches, Tim is a former NSW, Australian and Australasian Full Contact Fight Title holder. He now runs two successful academies at Brookvale in Sydney and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, and is opening up a new school in Brisbane.

“A lifetime dedicated to training himself and students has alerted Tim to some of the hidden secrets of discipline and preparation of mind, body and soul. By employing his philosophies, Tim achieved two world records for breaking ice with bare hands – he broke 650 pounds of ice in 2004 and 860 pounds in 2006!

“The combination of strict technique, mental preparation and discipline underpin his success as an athlete and now as a successful businessman. Tim is keen to share all his knowledge and experience with his students and spends hours coaching his instructors so as to quality control all aspects of developing their skills.

“Tim has also surfed all his life and explains that there’s a strong connection between the principles of surfing and the martial arts, and that many of the moves and skills have a lot in common. He gives the example of using cross-stepping technique as a foundation move to set up for kicking in the fight discipline. Other examples include the ‘hang 5’ stance as the ‘cat stance’ used in defense, and of paddling as a precursor to the ‘breakaway’ used to block in a fight situation. The push up from the lying position to standing in surfing simulates preparation for the ‘fighting stance’.

“Tim also identifies the role of Chi in both sports as a means of channeling energy and focus, to obtain greater enjoyment and proficiency in both. Chi (or QI as it is also known) is regarded by martial arts exponent as the flow of energy that drives a person’s life force.  He often takes business associates out in the water to illustrate the calming and mind-clearing therapy afforded by surfing and the culture of water. Tim has many students that have benefited from his philosophy and as a result excel at international surfing and fight events.

“Curl Curl Longboarders Inc is extremely fortunate to have a such a man in its ranks as he contributes at all levels – financial, operational, philosophical and as a competitor. The MALJAM is an opportunity for all of you to meet Tim and maybe share some of his views, ideas and approaches to life.”

Phil Nicol

Curly MalJam Pro – Offical Prize Money 2011

Big thanks again to our monetary sponsors 4 Elements, Rodger Ward Security, Zen Chi Ryu and Shusai Risk Management for their commitment to the sport of Longboarding.

1ST $ 2,000
2ND $ 750
3RD $ 500
4TH $ 250

1ST $ 2,000
2ND $ 750
3RD $ 500
4TH $ 250
5TH $ 100
6TH $ 50

1ST $ 500
2ND $ 400
3RD $ 300
4TH $ 200
5TH $ 100
6TH $ 50

1ST $ 300
2ND $ 200
3RD $ 100
4TH $ 80
5TH $ 50
6TH $ 20

1ST $ 300
2ND $ 200
3RD $ 100
4TH $ 80
5TH $ 50
6TH $ 20


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